My New York Comic Con 2013 Adventures.

Best Moment: Andy Lanning.  By far.  I met him last year and he kindly signed three Rocket Raccoon mugs for me.  I wanted to talk more to him, but I think it was still a bit too raw.  A little backstory: I got into Guardians and Nova and all the wonderful DnA cosmic glory because of my brother Aaron.  He tragically committed suicide in June 2012, so last year’s NYCC was, really, only a couple months after.

This year I was able to talk.  To tell him how much these stories mean to me, especially now, because they were something that Aaron shared with me that I grew so much to love.  All the copies that Andy signed were issues given me by my brother.  Of course, I started crying as soon as I started talking about that, and, of course, tried apologizing for crying.  I think that he was a little surprised at first and not sure what to do, which is understandable.  But then he looked at me and told me how wonderful it was that I was able to hold onto this connection to my brother, and that I absolutely did not need to apologize for anything.  And then he stood up and gave me a big hug over his table.  Truly wonderful.

Another highlight was, of course, meeting the lovely, adorable Kelly Sue DeConnick.  I was right at the very tail end of her WeLoveFine signing.  I had decided what tidbit I was going to talk about, knowing I just wanted to pick something brief, out of respect for those behind me.  I told her how great I thought her response to this ask that I helpfully found the link for was.  Because it was honest and thoughtful and admitted her own places for growth as a truly representative writer.  And when I told her about that, she was even more conciliatory, because she noted that people pointed out that it’s as easy as mentioning an ex.  The fact that she can take that question and admit that she could do more is really great.

Honorable mention was the Rucka/Lark signing.  I mentioned how great Forever is from a feminist protagonist perspective, which they’ve had a lot of response to.  And Rucka was candid enough to even talk about how hesitant he was in the most recent issue to let Johanna really abuse some sexist tropes, and how he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing for him as a writer to do, so he had to really think about it.  Always good to see writers self-aware like that.

So yes: those are my adventures from NYCC 2013.  Another great year!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT the Women of Marvel panel!!  Which had such amazing heart and some fantastic quotes from fantastic ladies in charge that are already going all around Tumblr.  It was inspiring just seeing the panel so packed; I actually got in just before it started and was standing on the back wall.  Lady geeks unite!!

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